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Northwords is a cross-platform documentary project that tells the story of a literary expedition above the tree line led by award-winning journalist and activist Shelagh Rogers, who handpicked five of Canada's leading writers to accompany her to a remote corner of northern Labrador to explore and seek inspiration, and to instigate new stories and conversation about the north. The film tracks the group as they navigate the harsh and stunning terrain of Torngat Mountains National Park - the country's newest national park, and a place steeped in geological and human history. Along the way, they learn about issues facing the north today, and confront some of the dark moments in its recent past. Northwords explores the idea of north and shows what happens when the country’s best writers tackle one of its most overwhelmingly beautiful places. More at: This package includes an HD quality (2.5 MBps) QuickTime download of Northwords. You will need QuickTime or other video software to play it. Please note the file's size is also just under 1TB, so ensure you have appropriate space. THIS DOWNLOAD / DVD IS FOR HOME USE ONLY. FOR PUBLIC USE AND EDUCATIONAL SALES INCLUDING STUDY GUIDE PLEASE CONTACT: INFO@MCNABBCONNOLLY.CA /

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